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Jay Wraps – Window Tinting & Vinyl Wrapping Specialists

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About Jay Wraps

We are experienced Vinyl Wrappers specializing in Vehicle wraps, window tinting, sunstrips, dechroming, signage, decals.
Another service we also offer is full transformations of kitchens with kitchen wraps, a much cheaper alternative than having to replace the units.
Jay-Wraps are also able to wrap wardrobes, fireplaces, tv cabinets and much more.

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Quality Window Tinting & Vinyl Wrapping, Derbyshire

JayWraps are a Family owned business with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction & professional work. We serve a lot of happy customers throughout Derbyshire and further afield.

Because of OUR HIGH STANDARDS for quality and professionalism in Window Tinting & Vinyl Wrapping, we have built up a great reputation and loyal customer base.
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, all our installers are trained to the highest standard, and we offer a WARRANTY with all of our automotive work. For all your Window Tinting & Vinyl Wrapping needs in Derbyshire, choose Jay Wraps everytime!

Jay Wraps, Only Working With The Best

We only work with the best material from Top Brands, which are sourced only from reputable suppliers and most importantly, professionally fitted by one of the Team.
Located in Overseal Derbyshire we provide all aspects of Window Tinting and vinyl wrapping, including full colour changes of Kitchens, Cars and Vans.

Highly Skilled

The application of window films to a high quality standard is an exceedingly skilled practise. consequently, a wide variation in the quality of finishes can be seen on the roads today. These vary from very poor quality finishes that typify the diy or sole trader market application, up to a very high quality finish that characterise what we offer. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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